Analytical TEM

Fast simultaneous acquisition of low and core loss regions in EELS spectrum using GIF Quantum

We present a new material science application article on the acquisition of low and core-loss regions in Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) spectra using the Gatan GIF Quantum®.

Fast simultaneous acquisition of low- and core-loss regions in the EELS spectrum from catalyst particles containing the heavy metals Au and Pd using the GIF Quantum®

Paolo Longo, PhD, Applications Scientist  

Metals such Pd and Pt have been extensively used in the automotive industry as exhaust gas catalyst for pollution control. Until recently Au has never been used due to its thermal instability. In particular, Au particles at the nanometer scale show a melting point at relatively low temperatures that are much lower than the temperatures experienced during the catalytic process. However, Pd/Au alloys have attracted a lot of interest due to their resistance at high temperatures and this explains their use in several field such as the CO and hydrocarbon oxidation, the synthesis of Vinyl acetate monomer, hydrocarbon hydrogenation and many others. Pd is the catalytic center whereas the Au has the effect of changing the chemical properties at the surface of the Pd-Au alloy. This changes influence the catalytic properties. Hence, the study of the chemistry and the elemental distribution is important in order to understand the properties of the whole catalyst system. TEM related techniques have proved to be valuable tools for characterizing such materials.

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